Consumer FAQs

Making use of the latest in innovative medicine, JuveXO is a brand new topical serum to help you rewind the clock and reverse the effects of aging. Rich in hyaluronic acid, or HA, collagen, elastin, and other powerful proteins, JuveXO is an excellent non-invasive and non-surgical method of revitalizing the body's largest organ, your skin, from head to toe.

Tired of looking drained, even when you feel your best? Cosmetic use of JuveXO may result in plumper, more youthful-looking skin with less wrinkles, fine lines, and creases. Some consumers also report an overall increase in tone and texture, reduction in inflammation and redness, as well as an overall radiance with regular use of JuveXO treatments.

JuveXO is ethically sourced, organic, and easily applicable for topical cosmetic use through a medical practitioner.

Contact your physician today and find out if JuveXO could be right for you.

JuveXO is easily and conveniently applied topically to your skin's surface. Not only is it a non-injectable form of treatment, this innovative medical practice is also non-invasive when compared to traditional cosmetic facial surgery. Additionally, consumers experience little to no downtime and no discomfort after a JuveXO application.

Many consumers choose to apply JuveXO in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, micro-needling, or laser therapy.

Contact your physician to determine the best treatment plan for your skin concerns, which may include a series of treatments based on your unique circumstances.

JuveXO can be applied on virtually any part of the skin, your body's largest organ, that is in need of some healthy rejuvenation and touch-up. As a topical serum, JuveXO doesn't require the use of an injection or surgical intervention to achieve age-defying results.

While JuveXO is not approved as a drug or to treat any disease, many consumers use JuveXO on the face and neck to achieve plumper, more vibrant skin. A single treatment of JuveXO may result in healthier, more youthful-looking skin, with consumers reporting results like reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, as well as fuller cheeks and increased plumpness and elasticity of the skin. JuveXO is also popular for use on the thighs, buttocks, arms, and abdomen.

Always consult with a licensed medical professional when considering JuveXO or other cosmetic treatments.

While individual results may vary, consumers regularly report more radiant skin after their very first JuveXO treatment. Additionally, many consumers also experience:

  • smoother skin, including wrinkles and fine lines
  • improved skin complexion
  • plumper skin and cheeks
  • visibly hydrated skin
  • improved skin tone and texture
  • diminished appearance of sunspots, caused due to sun exposure
  • decreased redness and swelling

Contact your physician to learn if JuveXO could be right for you.

A cosmetic facial procedure, the XO Lift combines the rejuvenating powers of micro-needling with the long-lasting youthful effects of JuveXO.

While the XO Life is a quick and easy procedure that takes a mere 30-45 minutes, depending on the number of treatment areas, its effects can deliver a noticeable improvement to your complexion and skin texture.

The XO Lift typically starts with a full-face cleanse before applying a light numbing cream. JuveXO is then applied topically to the surface of the skin before the skin is aerated by a micro-needling procedure. This virtually pain-free procedure produces microscopic holes in the skin that can help JuveXO’s revitalizing properties penetrate deeper into the skin tissue.

Finally, JuveXO is applied topically for a second time and left on the skin to absorb. Following your XO Lift, your medical practitioner will provide you with aftercare instructions that should be followed explicitly for optimum, long-lasting results.

Some consumers may experience redness and a sunburn-like sensation 24-48 hours after micro-needling but can resume normal activities the next day.

Always consult a licensed medical practitioner before choosing a treatment plan that’s right for you.

While results vary based on your skin's unique needs and condition, most consumers experience a gradual timely improvement.

The youthful effects and radiant glow of JuveXO usually last for up to 18-24 months. This timeline, however, can vary from one individual to the next. Check with your medical practitioner to determine the frequency and recurring number of JuveXO treatments depending on your skin's unique requirements and needs.

For the XO Lift, we typically recommend that it be performed once a year. However, individual needs may call for more frequent treatments based on your medical practitioner's recommendation.

Individual results may vary. Contact your health practitioner to develop your own unique treatment plan.

For most consumers, an XO lift requires two to three sessions that are performed in the comfort of your practitioner’s office. It’s recommended that consumers allow 4-6 weeks between treatments. Each XO Lift treatment usually lasts 30-45 minutes and requires little to no recovery time.

Consult your licensed medical practitioner to develop your own unique treatment plan today and ask about an XO Lift.

Both JuveXO and XO Lift can successfully be used on a variety of skin types, including oily, dry, sensitive, and combination skin.

Ask a licensed medical professional if JuveXO or an XO Lift could be right for you.

As JuveXO is applied topically, it is a non-invasive treatment. Consumers report no downtime or discomfort after treatment with JuveXO.

The XO Lift is a non-invasive procedure with little to no downtime. Many practitioners use a numbing cream to make the micro-needling process more comfortable. Some consumers may report mild discomfort during the procedure itself and a sunburn sensation for 24-48 hours afterward.

Considered a "lunch break" procedure, the XO Lift takes 30-45 minutes to perform and requires little to no downtime. Some consumers, however, may also experience minimal discomfort during the process with redness and minimal inflammation following the micro-needling procedure.

Expect the same post-effects of a facial. Depending on your skin, you may also experience a sunburn-like sensation for 24-48 hours afterward.

Following a JuveXO or XO Lift, your medical practitioner will provide aftercare instructions that are best suited for you.

General aftercare instructions typically include avoiding direct sunlight as well as retinol, exfoliants, and other harsh chemicals for at least two days post-treatment.

Unfortunately, most elective MedSpa procedures are typically not covered by insurance companies. Consult with your insurance representative to learn the details of your unique policy.

Considering investing in a more youthful you with JuveXO? Contact your physician today and ask if JuveXO could be right for you.

A game changer in the field of innovative medicine, secretomes are tiny particles virtually released by all cells in your body. Also known as exosomes in the medical field, these particles are scientifically known to be how cells send "messages" and "instructions" to each other - this is known as cell-to-cell communication[2].

Age, disease, environmental factors, and genetic disorders can disrupt how cells normally communicate with one another, which can lead to a variety of different ailments. Studies have shown that secretomes from the right cell-type can help regulate cell-to-cell communication, bringing the microenvironment back into balance[4].

If you want to learn all about secretomes, visit this article for a detailed breakdown.

Ask your doctor if JuveXO could be right for you.

The secretomes in JuveXO are naturally derived and ethically sourced. The unique cultured patented cellular line behind JuveXO was established over 10 years ago and has undergone rigorous safety and quality testing.

Each vial of JuveXO includes its own Certificate of Analysis, proving it has passed a host of industry-standard testing to ensure safety and quality in every batch.

JuveXO’s secretomes are designed specifically to target the skin and aid in its rejuvenation. Unlike many animal or plant-based secretome products currently on the market, JuveXO secretomes are naturally occurring and ethically derived from human cells.

JuveXO is a consistent topical product with the same high-quality ingredients in every vial. Additionally, a JuveXO treatment is a non-invasive and non-surgical alternative that requires no blood to be drawn for the procedure.

The ultimate goal of JuveXO treatments is to restore your skin's youthful appearance and quality without the need for invasive or painful cosmetic surgeries. As a topical serum, JuveXO is non-invasive, and treatment requires minimal to no downtime.

The benefits of JuveXO, a cutting-edge secretome therapy, for skin rejuvenation include:

  • Minimally invasive and non-surgical
  • Quick recovery
  • Little to no downtime
  • Minimal discomfort during and immediately following the procedure
  • May improve the quality of your skin and complexion
  • May reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other age-related imperfections
  • May enhance the radiance of your skin
  • May improve the contour and shape of your face
  • May reduce or diminish the appearance of sunspots due to sun exposure
  • May enhance skin tone and reduce discoloration due to aging

Made in the USA, JuveXO is packaged and inspected by Charles Rivers Labs. Each vial of JuveXO is triple sterile filtered, ensuring no contaminants are present.

JuveXO has passed rigorous Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) to ensure airtight seals on each vial. All organic tissue donated for the production of the secretomes used in the product has been collected with informed consent and tested according to cGMP standards for viruses, bacteria, fungi, and endotoxins.

The cell line used for making JuveXO is tested and free of pathogenic viruses.